Mr Blue Sky

Blue sky with cloudsI’m happy to report that the thought of getting to talk about Game of Thrones again on a regular basis makes me feel like “Mr. Blue Sky!

I was going to record a short podcast welcoming myself back….but upon further reflection, I realized two things:

1. It sounded like a pompous and douchy thing to do!

2. And….more importantly, all I really want to talk about is this GREAT HBO show that we all love.

So, instead, here is the upcoming schedule:

1. Every Sunday night / Monday morning, for the next few weeks, I will put out my thoughts on every single episode of GOT’s Season #4. I will cover one episode per podcast and try to have guests on so that I can pick their brains on the wonder that was this last season.

2. After CBB covers all 10 episodes of the last season, I will get back to those character / theme studies that I love so much. These will be shorter, but more detailed podcasts, covering:

*New Characters

*Re-examining old characters

*Comparing and contrasting pairs of characters

* Talking about how characters either support or buck the major themes of the story.

All of this will be discussed with my usual enthusiasm, irreverence and love for both the source material, as well as the TV show.

***Remember***Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things” is basically a TV show-friendly podcast.

There will no spoilers from future book material!

Having said that, I may occasionally do a book-reader’s-only podcast, but I will announce that in advance.

I will be uploading the new podcast episode by Monday morning. Hope you enjoy it!



About klbardster

A man of leisure who understands both the best and worst of times.
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2 Responses to Mr Blue Sky

  1. buffyharveyharveyhorses says:

    Ken, you could never be douchy! (well unless you were trying to) just listened to podcast Winterfell and I just can’t tell you how good it was to hear your voice and opinions again. Welcome back!

  2. Chad says:

    It’s been to long welcome back…

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