Podcast Episode #69: “Landslide”


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This is a new episode of Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things


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Season #4 Re-watch continues! Today, John Marius and I discuss Ep #3, “Breaker of Chains.”

While still a great episode of TV, this was probably my least favorite episode of the season. This episode took a deep breath after last weeks fireworks and really covered the immediate reactions to the cosmic death that ended the last episode.

Here’s whats on the docket today:

1. Lessons of the Holy – Arya learns a new lesson…at the expense of an idealistic farmer and his daughter…what does this mean for her ongoing personal journey?

2. Lessons of the Just – Sam is motivated by honor and in an effort to protect Gilly’s honor…but this desire blinds him to certain…practical realities.

3. Lessons of the Strong – In many ways, Stannis Baratheon is as strong as is brother Robert…they were both strong-willed and stubborn…bulls in a china shop. This may win battles and arguments, but it doesn’t lend itself to long-term success.

4. Lessons of the Wise – Both Jon and Dany have grown up quite a bit in the last 3+ years. They used that experience in their current situations in this episode. Sometimes, wisdom is thinking outside the box!

5. Lessons of Upheaval – The King is dead! But long live the repercussions of Joffrey’s demise. We check in with many of our characters in the immediate aftermath of Joff’s exit and see a kaliedoscope of emotions and attitudes.

6. Best Scene / Line / MVP

7. Snaps and Hated It’s

Thanks for stopping by…appreciate it.

This was an essential pause in the action for the story. After such a big death, we needed to catch our breaths. There were provocative and affecting character beats throughout this episode.

See ya next week!



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One Response to Podcast Episode #69: “Landslide”

  1. Love the snaps and hated section, you have to make it a fixture for the podcast, so hilarious. I give you 4 snaps ken for another great episode.

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