Podcast Episode #70: In the Cold, Cold Night

FP White Walkers

Welcome to a brand new episode of Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things.

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“In The Cold, Cold Night

In today’s episode, I discuss Season#4 – Episode#4 of “Game of Thrones“….


The season#4 Re-Watch marches steadily on!

Unfortunately, I lost the first recording of this discussion, so I was forced to re-record it with just me. Sorry, folks! And sorry to John Marius who was so great in the first, lost taping!

This was a cohesive, strong outing for the series. There were oaths all over the place. Let’s focus on 3 Women, 2 Men, and a White Walker!


Here’s what on the docket today:

1. Daenerys – She took an oath of justice in this episode. Justice can be a double-edged sword…which Dany be helped or hurt by her decisions?

2. Margaery – She took an oath of duty! Marg definitely fully grabbed her birthright in this episode, and the weapons in her toolbox were on FULL display.

3. Brienne of Tarth – Brienne took an oath of honor. She had a full plate today! She took on a quest and said goodbye to Jaime!

4. Jon Snow and Karl Tanner – Both of these men took very different oaths of leadership! The contrast was as wide as the Grand Canyon in this episode!

5. White Walker – The ending sequence was GREAT! We got some answers but even more questions in what ended up being a very satisfying scene.

6. Best Scene / Line / MVP

7. Snap’s and Hated It’s

Sorry for the delay is the release of this podcast…and sorry again for the technical difficulties.

Oathkeeper” had plenty of great character moments and an earth shattering ending!





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