Podcast Episode #71: Ladies Night!

ladies-night-frank-morrisonWelcome to a NEW episode of Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things!

Ladies Night

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The Game of Thrones season#4 re-watch continues to the midway point….episode #5, “First of His Name.”

That’s right…todays episode is ALL about the ladies of Game of Thrones! Here’s to a group of interesting, complicated and compelling women!

Maybe more so than any other episode of this television show, this hour really showcases the female characters of this grand story!

We’re at the midway point of the season!

Here’s what on the docket today:

1. Dany – We get to see her with her small council and make a BIG decision!

2. Margaery – She continues to “play” her part brilliantly

3. Sansa Stark / Lysa Arryn – These two ladies get to play off each other in todays ep!

4. Brienne – Comic relief as well as a new understanding with the ADORABLE Podrick Payne!

5. Arya Stark – A death list to help her sleep, renewed training and another brutal lesson from the Hound.

6. Kraster’s Women – They may have been background characters before…but in a way, they really come into their own in tonight’s ep!

7. Cersei – A actress playing a character who is acting! Sounds hard? It is…and both Lena Heady and the character she plays pull it off brilliantly in this hour! This was one of Cersei’s finest hours.

8. The TOP 5 Most Important Events of the Season So Far….

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