Podcast Episode #72: What A Fool Believes


Welcome to a NEW episode of a “Game of Thrones-centric” podcast, “Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things.”

What A Fool Believes

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Today, the one and only Heath Snow and I discuss S#4 Ep#6 of Game of Thrones, “The Laws of Gods and Men.”

This is a very BIG episode of the season all about our favorite little guy, Tyrion Lannister.

The TRIAL OF TYRION LANNISTER….takes up most of this episode. It’s a brilliant set-piece filled with awesome performances and electrifying direction.

On the docket today:

1. Justice and Finances – Stannis and Davos meet with the bankers of Braavos. Numbers are cold and immutable, but Davos makes and impassioned plea on behalf of his king. This scene represents justice at it’s most logical.


2. Justice and Love: Yara Greyjoy tries to free her brother Theon and encounters Ramsey Snow…and his pet, Reek. Later, Ramsey gives Reek a gift and asks him for a favor. This is justice at it’s most illogical because it has to do with feelings.


3. Justice and Leadership: Daenerys has her first full day as a leader in Meereen. She is instantly confronted with the complexities of leadership and the many subtle nuances of justice.


4. Justice and the Truth: The entire sequence involving the Trial of Tyrion Lannister examines the nature of truth. What is the truth? Who decides what the truth is? How can justice be issued if the truth is corrupted?

5. Favorite Scene / Line / MVP of Episode
6. Snaps and Hated It’s
This was a jammed packed episode. One of the many highlights of the season! Not only was the trial itself unforgettable, but the theme of justice and the characters search for it in it’s many forms was unified and thought provoking.



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One Response to Podcast Episode #72: What A Fool Believes

  1. Another great episode. Was really looking forward to this one especially because i wanted to hear your take on the trial. Heath is awesome. I miss bubba on your show tho tbh. You are hilarious!

    Couple questions

    Do you think Mance is short for romance? Him being a singer and so good with the ladies, well it seems like he is or would be.

    Also dont you think Tyrions best play was to go to Tywin if he wanted to stay with shae and tell him he will leave and never come back if he was given quite a bit of money and jet across the narrow sea. I always felt a big reason he stayed at kings landing is because he is a lannister and with that comes power and money which being a dwarf would be pretty hard to come by. If he was given enough money to fuck off to essos that woulda been good for tyrion to keep his relationship with shae and tywin wins by never seeing tyrion again and knowing he would never return.

    You can answer this on a future episode if you want, just a couple things i thought of after listening to your podcast last night.

    P.s. Can you link the emergency ned episode you were talking about, that would be great to hear.


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